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1. ever wonder why we're here? 

Yeah, all the time. I don't dwell on it to much, I just kind of hope that as a human, that our advanced species is able to find out as much about the universe as we can for the sake of having fun and finding out before we inevitably die out. 

2. Are you sad about PT? 

PT? P...P-... *whispers* What is PT?

3. OH OH LETS GUILT TRIP YOU--do you read my comic? :icongo-on-plz: (dont worry i know the answer is no LOL unless you're marie/zan, you two do

Yeah, duh. Let's guilt trip YOU, when's the next page coming out? Huh? Huh? Eh, that's more barading than guilting, and you're doing an incredible job of updating, for what it's worth, im beyond proud.

4. Can you say the alphabet backwards? ...Can you even say it forwards without the song?

I can actually, forward and back without the song. I'll admit I'm a tad rusty with the backwards and that before I worked at the library for 3 years I couldn't do it forward without the song even. 

5. Is the alphebet still the alphebet if they're in a different order? Who decided this was the order for the alphebet? 

Well, i deduce that it was probably a man, his name perhaps wouldve started with 'A', since a lot of people in olden time were all about adding to their legacy... I think they added letters as needed too... 

6. Can you spell alphabet correctly because obviously i can't.

I thought it was A-L-P-H-A-B-E-T?

7. What's a good movie to watch? Like, recommend a movie to me that you'd think i'd like, as well as just plain your favorite movie. 

I really like Kill Bill, the Imitation Game, McFarland USA... I think you would like... Big Hero 6? Maybe... Ant Man if you haven't already?

8. Favorite game? Best game? BEST GAME OST? 

I play Just Dance most of all, but best game ever? Well... maybe Mario Kart if friends are nearby.

9. How many books do you own?

I don'y know, like... at least 100.

10. Gaming console you use most, (sure, PC counts, but if ya write pc write second most too for funsies)

XBOX 360

11. Do you own a waffle iron? 

No, but my school cafeteria has one.

12. Do you like balloons?

Of Course, too much perhaps.

13. Matches or lighters? 


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Red bubble:…
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Jojo and sock knew eachother as youngin's. Originally scripted that sock killed jojo when they were young, this is currently undergoing changes, but the fact resides that Sock ruined jojo's life, probablybykillingher, and she was sent to heaven. Upon figuring sock got his demonary position, she applied for a guardian angel position with her ulterior motives of getting revenge on sock. Attaining such luxury, she guarded Lil--a girl that Jon looks up to. 
Providence is god, more or less, and was the one who created mephi. Mephi and she are soulmates--he was the first other creature she created that had a full range of emotions like she did, and she was hoping for a life long companion / that it wouldn't backfire. Well she got both. They still like eachother and harbor feelings for eachother, but the two encountered a falling out / break up of sorts, and mephi is still very butthurt and whiny over it while Providence kinda moved on from it, and still occasionally flirts with him for fun. Though they hardly meet up anymore really-- Though within the story and how it unfolds with the drama between the guardian angel jojo and demon sock, the two's paths are sure to start crossing more often. 
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I WAS GONNA REPLY TO IT NOW AND NOW AODJSOSFHSDJFOEDJOADJSDOJVSdofsdlkfnilosdfhiodfjsdfiosdfbwduisfdsjnfiosdfsidof s//cries and flops like a fish// why sagi. why do you do this to me. I was so happy when I read that comment. like omg. I was so happy. 

Also, I really hope you get better soon. It sucks to be sick. And take your time too. Getting lots of rest eating food is important. Im wishing you the best from where I am and cant wait to hear from you. 
Sagiterror Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
Hum... I had a reason... I cant remember what the comment was.... OH YEAH!!! I remember, Ill tell you later XD
XD sorry.

Hahaha! I dont have a virus, my computer has a virus *feeds my computer food... ;_; I dont think it's working!!!
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Later????? Later when?? //flops// what reason could you have?????
its okay. I will forgive you. Just this time though//smacked
jks jks

LOL HAhahhaha I see, I see. //pats the computer// get better soon. 
Well I hope that gets fixed up aha. Its so annoying when that happens, like urrgggg.
None the less, I hear it's winter where you are, so you should stay warm and eat food and look after yourself so you dont catch a virus aha. 
Sagiterror Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
Later when you message me on skype maybe?

It got mostly fixed, but it's stuck with some symptoms that it looks like i'm just going to have to deal with for forever ...
Thank, you too. What season is it where you are O_O ... I thought we all had seasons at the same time...
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aaaaah your art's really cool man ;v;
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Really? ^///^ Thanks so much!!!
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